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Light Mind Connection Retreat
Oct. 4, 2018

Group Therapy - Relationship Retreat  

Where: Dancing Cedars Retreat Center in the Raven Room

When: Saturday, October 20th, 11am-4pm

A day long retreat to create space for yourself, reflect on your relationships, both current and past, and tend to wounds with love and connection.  Through a day of self inquiry and reflection, healing can happen.   When you leave this retreat you will find yourself more able to communicate your needs and desires authentically and speak your truth.   Are you ready and willing to expand your relationship experiences?

Jolene Stokesberry MA, LMHC will be your guide, creating a meaningful experience for you and enhancing your benefits.  Find out more by visiting LightMindCounseling Group Therapy Events.  


Women's Relationship Group
Sept 30, 2018

Get the most from your relationships.  

Empower yourself, while having fun, sharing, and hearing from others, all the while learning how to have more fulfilling relationships.   Find out more about this six-week series with Jolene Stokesberry MA, LMHC by visiting LightMindCounseling Group Therapy Events.  
-- When a group of women gather, everything is possible. --


Still looking for a graduation day gift?
May 5, 2016
Come in to the office and pick up a Spring Health Kit for $48.
Everything the kid in your life needs to be healthy in this season of change - a spring tonic, dry skin brush, seeds, a poem, recipes and more all wrapped in a cloth bindle.


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